Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese has long been not only a staple food in our house as the kids were growing up, but a favorite as well. When I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy nearly 5 years ago, it about killed me to give it up. It took what felt like forever to find a pasta that would hold up to making mac & cheese. I had the sauce perfected long before I found one. We started using Sam Mills Pasta. Not only is delicious, it's one of the more affordable gluten free pastas on the market. It is also non-GMO which is important to me. No, they are not paying me to push their pasta. I simply believe in sharing info when I find a good product that makes life easier. :)  As long as you don't overcook it, this pasta will hold up to being put in casseroles and being reheated as leftovers without turning to mush like brown rice pasta. 

So as I've mentioned before, I'm not always one for measuring when I create a recipe. So think of this recipe as more of a guideline and have fun with it. 

16 oz. bag of Sam Mills Gluten Free Pasta (or any regular pasta if you're not gluten free)
Milk (I use whole milk. I like the richness that it adds.)
6-8 oz. Velveeta
1-2 handfuls of shredded cheese of your choice (this is where the fun comes in. I've used cheddar (sharp, medium, mild), Mexican blend, Italian blend, provolone, parmesan, basically whatever shredded cheese I happen to have on hand.

Cook pasta al dente, drain, run under cold water and set aside.
In same pan pasta was cooked in, add milk (about 1 1/2 cups) and Velveeta. Stir often until Velveeta is melted and mixture is smooth. Add in a large handful or two of shredded cheese and stir until smooth. Season with pepper or seasoning of your choice. Add cooked pasta to sauce, mix well and make sure it is heated through.

If the cheese sauce is too thin, add more shredded cheese. If it's too thick, add more milk until you get the consistency you want. If you like a little spice and aren't making this for little ones, it would be awesome with some pepper jack cheese thrown in. My favorite combination of cheeses for it is sharp cheddar & Italian blend (usually a blend of parmesan, romano, asiago, provolone and mozzarella).

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