Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sausage Cornbread Stuffing (regular & gluten free)

I found a recipe years ago in the newspaper around Thanksgiving time for Sausage Cornbread Stuffing. I thought it sounded so good. I clipped the recipe, made it, love it, and then lost the recipe. So the following year I made it from memory and didn't really measure anything and still loved it. LOL So needless to say it has been served every Thanksgiving since then. :)

3 Jiffy Corn Muffin Mixes (1 Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Corn Bread Mix) made according to package directions the day before. You can also make your cornbread from scratch...I'm just lazy with all the other cooking I have to do for Thanksgiving and resort to mixes. :)

Chicken broth (Pacific Foods Organic Gluten Free Chicken Broth)
1 onion, diced
celery, several ribs, diced
1 lb. breakfast sausage (I like the Jimmy Dean All Natural)
sliced mushrooms, optional
salt & pepper

In a large mixing bowl crumble the cornbread. I make it the day before and don't even bother to cover it so that it gets a little stale. In a large skillet over medium heat, cook the breakfast sausage. Add the onion & celery and cook till softened. Add mushrooms if desired and cook until the juices have released. Add salt & pepper. Add the meat & vegetable mixture to the crumbled cornbread and mix well. Pour chicken broth over and mix until everything is well moistened but not gloopy....don't you just love my technical terms...if you add too much broth you'll end up with soggy stuffing. Spread into a 9x13 baking dish and bake until the dressing is dry and browned on top.

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