Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Another blog? Really? Yep. As my grandmother would say, I need another blog to post on like I need another hole in my head. LOL I've been contemplating for some time how to creatively deal with all of the recipes I have stuck in binders, my e-mail accounts, and falling apart well beloved cookbooks. Oh and did I mention I subscribe to multiple cooking magazines? Sigh. I also have something that Allison has nicknamed "the green monster". Once upon a time it started out as a 1 1/2" green, three ring binder. Just an ordinary binder you find on the school supply aisle. I added indexed tabs to it and used it to organize my recipes that I had collected from various sources. All was going well except my binder was getting full. Then one day the dog came along and knocked the binder off of the shelf it was sitting on. The rings popped open and recipes exploded everywhere!!! I scooped everything up and simply stuck it inside the binder - not even in the rings and that is how it has stayed ever since (3 years). LOL I have to dig to find what I want and I keep saying I'm going to organize it but I never do. That is all about to change. :)

The other evening Corey & I were visiting with some friends from church and Susan was telling us about how her family has a blog that they share recipes on. She said it's great for when they are traveling because she simply gets on the computer and pulls up a recipe if she wants it. I thought it sounded like a great idea, so here I am with another blog. ;)

Like I said, I've been wanting to organize my recipe collection for quite some time. I keep procrastinating it and just not wanting to deal with it. I am hoping that y'all will help keep me going and motivated. I'm always happy to share a new recipe. My goal is to post a recipe a day. If I can keep up with that, then hopefully by the time next summer rolls around, I will have my huge recipe collection tamed and the green monster will be no more!

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